Uzhichil or body massage is a staple in Ayurveda treatment but it gained popularity largely through the medium of Kalari chikitsa [treatment that is part of training in Kalaripayattu, the martial art of Kerala]. Three forms of massage are prevalent in the Kalari chikitsa system – enna thechu pidipikkal or oil massage, kai uzhichil or massage using hands, and chavitti uzhichil or massage using feet. In very rare instances, during training, students sustain injuries to their marmas [vital parts of the body]. They are instantly and completely cured, thanks to the intervention of the Kalari asans [masters] who are adept at giving the right treatment. That is because imparting and imbibing knowledge about the marmas is an important component of Kalaripayattu training.

Marmavidya and Marmas

Marmashastra or the science of Marmas is part of Shalyatantra, one of the eight categories into which Ayurveda is divided. 

Treatment Protocol of Kalari chikitsa

Kalari chikitsa boasts of many a traditional panacea that is not very popularly used in Ayurvedic treatment.

Thaila Lepanam 

Thaila lepanam is the application of oil all over the body before the student begins the exercise regimen, and this is an integral part of Kalaripayattu training.

Kai Uzhichil

Kalari chikitsa follows the same principles of Uzhichil as propounded by Ayurveda. The mode of treatment is decided upon after taking into consideration the physical condition of the person concerned. 

Chavitti Uzhichil

The senior students of Kalaripayattu are subjected to Chavitti uzhichil. It takes a very experienced asan to do it. He

Other treatments 

Most of the medicines used in Kalari chikitsa are not those mentioned in Ayurvedic texts. For instance, Murivenna is used copiously in Kalari chikitsa, a medicated oil that is not mentioned in Ayurveda.

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