Ayurvedic Treatment for Body Pain

In Ayurveda, every human has Three Dosha (life forces) called Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

According to the Ayurvedic Treatment point of view, an increase in Vata Dosha is the root cause of pain. It is believed that nerve impulse, digestion, breath, circulation and movement everything is due to Vata.

The problem is Vata is a very subtle one that goes out of balance easily. The people who have these type of Dosha often have a lack of nutrients. The symptoms and disorders of Vata are

  • Anxiety
  • Bloating
  • Dry skin
  • Underweight
  • Arthritis
  • Nerves disorder 

Types of body pains as mentioned in Ayurveda

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis (Aamavatha):

It is caused due to the accumulation of ama (toxins) in joints. Whenever this kind of accumulation happens, it can lead to the production of pain, stiffness and swelling. 

1. Fever (jwara):

 Jwara is considered as the lord of Ayurvedic Treatment as it has the power to afflict the mind, body and sense. It may be an independent condition or can appear as a symptom to other diseases.

2. Osteoarthritis (sandhivata):

It causes due to the accumulation of toxins in joints which leads to a loss in muscles strengths, pain and stiffness in joints. 

3. Iron-deficiency Anemia(vataja pandu):

It occurs mainly due to the impairment of pitta dosha but also an imbalance in Vata and Kapha.

How Ayurveda works in treating these body pains:

In Ayurveda what they do is they first identify your body. What kind you possess exactly Vata, pitta, Kapha. Then it begins to find the root cause of your pain. After that, it will analyze the nature of your disorder, and combine your signs, symptoms as a pattern.

Oleation therapy:

It involves massaging the body with the oils and other combined herbs to make the body relax and prepare it for the removal of the toxins. These combinations differ from body types and condition of the patient. For three to seven days, the application of herbs, oils and ghee both internally and externally.

Heat therapy:

This is the next step that comes after the Oleationtherapy. It is a process in which the sweat is induced due to the oil and herbs decoctions. In this, they use steam for the treatment. As they apply all the essential oils and herbs on the body due to steam, the sweat starts. It is stopped when the forehead and abdomen sweat well. It is a way of detoxifying the impurities present in the body through sweat.

Vamana (therapeutic vomiting):

In this method, the waste is eliminated through the mouth. In this treatment, the toxins are eliminated from the main respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. After this, people often experience tightness in the chest, and it prompts a good appetite.

Ayurvedic detox (virechana):

In Sanskrit virechana is termed as “purging” or “laxative”. Here the toxins are gathered from the infected place and are concentrated into the small intestine, and it is discharged. It cleans the small intestine, liver and spleen. The choice of herbs depends on the particular disorder.

Blood purification therapy:

In Sanskrit, it is called raktamokshana. In this therapy,  small quantities of blood are carefully removed to neutralize the toxins. It mainly treats blood-related diseases.

Ayurvedic herbs and medicines for body pains

Indian nightshade also known as brihati:   

It is generally used to reduce fever, chest pain, cough and mucus. It is very beneficial to the heart.

Castor, also known as Eranda:

It helps in treating problems related to the urinary tract, digestive system and inflammation. These seeds have medicinal properties, and they are actually very efficient in treating problems related to tooth alignment and constipation.

Indian barberry (Ela):

It is also known as the king of all the spices. This is used to reduce cold, respiratory problems and digestion related problems. It can be mixed with milk for intake purposes.


This helps in treating respiratory disorders, liver disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, liver conditions body infections and allergies. 


This herb is used especially for heart disease. It reduces the fever that is caused due to body pain and helps in improving the muscle’s strength. It used to detoxify the body. Painful conditions like arthritis and chronic inflammation.

DO’s and Don’ts for body pain patients according to Ayurveda.

It is always a proper diet that can keep your body healthy and active. The amount of nutritious food you take helps you to maintain a good balance of the body. Doing yoga helps a lot in fact in the process of treatment patients are instructed to do yoga according to their condition, this helps them relax and have a peaceful state of mind and can respond to the treatment.

  • Eat light food, mainly the food which contains extremely rich vitamins and minerals. 
  • Include fruits like grapes, pomegranate and seasonal fruits according to your diet.
  • Have a good walk in the sunlight.


  • Takes a quite good amount of time for the result but should not lose patience
  • Never suppress natural urges like hunger and thirst.
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