Ayurvedic herbal oil for pain and injuries

Ayurvedic herbal oils have been used in India for the treatment of pain and injuries for thousands of years.

At Kalari Ayurveda Centre we use a wide variety of herbal oils in our treatments for pain and injury management. The herbal oils used and their application will depend on the location, stage and cause of your condition. The correct choice of oil is vital in the effectiveness of traditional ayurvedic treatments.

Some of the benefits of our specialised herbal oil formulas when used in our treatments include:

• relieves pain and stiffness
• reduces inflammation and swelling
• increases flexibility, counteracting rigidity of the joints and muscles
• nourishes the deeper tissues of the body
• promotes circulation
• strengthens & rejuvenates joints, muscles and soft tissue.

Herbal oil is a transport mechanism for delivering herbs into the deeper tissues. When the warmed herbal oils are applied in a treatment, the pores of the skin are opened due to the warmth. This allows the healing properties of the herbs to more deeply penetrate the affected tissues. When herbs are used in this manner, they also help to pull impurities out of the body.

Ayurvedic herbal oils are made by cooking selected herbs into a base oil, such as black sesame or coconut oil. It is the particular combination of herbs used and their ratio that determines the specific actions of the herbal oil.

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